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Italo Calvino [essayist and journalist],
for the wonderful book "Invisible Cities".

Rebbeca Wright [senior lecturer in illustration at LCP],
as a coincidental influencer.

Betül Kadıoğlu [translator (Bach), editor (english)],
for the editing of the "Proposal" and "Theme & Thesis"
and also further critiques.

Cem İleri [essayist & exhibtion coordinator],
for critizing the theme/thesis statement and showing the "invisible" ones.

Alper Eryurt [mechanical engineer (Bach)],
for coding the map in Macromedia Flash and checking
hyperlink structure.

Serhan Çaycılar [mechanical engineer (Bach)],
for helping on the technical works that have been done.

Özerk Alpay [systems, security, and network engineer],
for providing the hosting, and making the publising on the
internet possible, thus providing online discussions..

Selahattin Özpalabıyıklar [editor in chef (english)],
for acting as an honorary advisor at every stage from the
begining with the writing of the proposal through
collecting new ideas.

Feride Çiçekoğlu [Assoc. Prof.],
for giving further critiques on the project as the
coordinator of the MA in Visual Communication
Design program.

Jakub Michalski [graphic designer (MFA)],
for being the "right" advisor of the project.